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(formerly known as Chiap Hup Agriculture Development Sdn. Bhd.) CHKY was established in the year 1976. Since its business inception, its core business has been and still is on importation and sales of seeds in Malaysia. With its 43 years of business history. CHKY is currently the market leader in the importation and sales of seeds for cash crops such as watermelons, melons, corn and vegetables (both leafy and fruity vegetables) in Malaysia. Its present business territory extends to every corner of West Malaysia. Its business coverage also extends to the whole Borneo Island.

Due to the extensive use of plastic mulch in mid-1980, CHKY took the initiative to acquire Taiwanese technology to start its plastic mulching sheet and overhead transparent rain sheet production in 1986 to compliment its business and customer needs. Today, CHKY is one of the most efficient and successful producer of plastic mulching sheet and overhead transparent sheet in Malaysia.

Other to the above, CHKY in the mid-1990 have ventured into other related agriculture products such as nursery tray, string, peat moss (from the Netherlands), organic fertilizer.

Last of all, CHKY with its network tends to be always providing the best service and products. And its future direction will be towards.

Lastly, our Mission is to be the most reliable and efficient one stop agriculture supplier in Malaysia in term of services and products range to all our value and potential customers.