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Hi-Ca Plus (500gm)

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Hi-Ca Plus (500gm)

Product Description :

1. Hi-Ca Plus contain high soluble Calcium. It is suitable for foliar spraying on all crops.

2. Usage: 10~20g/18L

3. Symptom: Deficiency of Calcium occurs on young leaf, yellowish color started to occur from the tip of leaf thus causing the growth of plant to be stunted. On critical condition, yellowish young leaf will turn brown and dry out, thus causing the leaf to wrinkle and roll up, edge of roots will dried up.

4. Calcium deficiency normal occurrences on:

a) Our country soil contain low Calcium content, occurrenceof rain fall causing lose out in Calcium especially on sloping plantation.
b) Low Calcium exchange cation on acidic soil or sandy soil with low usage of organic fertilizer. Excessive use of compound fertilizer resulting in the lose of Calcium because effect of excessive compound fertilizer which produce Sulfuric Acid, acidic salt and H Ion.
c) Excessive use of Ammonium Nitrate, Magnesium and Potasium in plantation will prevent Calcium absorption to crops, thus lead to the deficiency.
d) During high temperature, roots absorption and supply of water to leaves is easier if compare to Calcium thus causing the deficiency.

5. Contain: Calcium 10%.