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Hi-Zn Plus (500gm)

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Hi-Zn Plus (500gm)

Product Description :

Hi-Zn Plus contain high solubility Zinc nutrient for deficiency in all crops.


10~20gm / 18L

Zinc (Zn) deficiency: Zinc deficiency starts from young leaves, Chlorosis occured, leaves are smooth, long and small in size. At critical stage, white dots will appear in between leaf skeleton (vein) thus causing crops to be stagnant.

Zinc deficiency occurrences on:

1. Continuous watering and high acidic sandy soil, Zinc contain is low resulting in deficiency.
2. Lime soil or excessive usage of GML. High pH will prevent absorption of Zinc by crops roots.
3. nter-action of Zinc and organic matters in organic soil will form stabilization substrat thus causing deficiency.
4. High Phosphonic element in soil thus causing Zinc to be clock up.
5. Virus affected crops and die roots will prevent allocation of Zn to crops tissue. This has no connection to Zn deficiency in soil, thus foliar spraying is important.


Zinc 14%