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P.E. Cover Sheet for Agriculture

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P.E. Cover Sheet for Agriculture

Product Description :


1. Reduce the vector of virus diseases such as Afid, Thrips and other pests.
2. As a weed control, save the cost of weeding.
3. Control soil moisture by reduce the soil evaporation, save the cost of irrigation.
4. Avoid soil erosion, and maintain soil structure to improve the plant rooting system.
5. Reduce root diseases that caused by wetted condition from direct rain to the soil.
6. Maintain soil temperature, improve rooting system thus resulting in early harvest.
7. Directly protect soil Nutrition from surface running water, thus reducing fertilization cost.


1. The fertilizer especially organic based must mixed evenly into the planting bed, and make sure that the soil is wet enough before covering with P.E.
2. The black surface is facing down while the silver surface facing up, and make sure the end and edge of P.E. are covered by soil.
3. With reference to the planting distance make a round hole with diameter 3″ to 4″ for planting hole. Transplanting is much more encouraging than direct planting.


1. By using the P.E. hair root are growing healthy at the surface of land. If using the low quality P.E., the P.E. will tear during growing period, this will cause ‘stunted growth’ of root & plant. Finally this may be the source of diseases.
2. The tearing portion of P.E. which remain in the soil will directly affect the growing for next planting.

Product NameThickness (mm)Width (m)Length (m)
PE Cover Film2.41.01.2
1.75500 (Tailor make)