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Real Fantastic / Fantastic (5 Liter)

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Real Fantastic / Fantastic (5 Liter)

Product Description :

‘REAL FANTASTIC’ is an years-long effort of Taiwan Biological Research Corporation (TBRC), who incorporated with agricultural experts and scholoars: featured with low costs, high performance and can be applied on all crops. It is an 100% pure organic fertilizer and do provide all needed nutrients of plants; thats why we called it ‘REAL FANTASTIC’. The unique functions and abilities of this ‘REAL FANTASTIC’ liquid organic nutrient fertilizer are:
1. Provide needed nutrients of plants and make plants growing healthier and stronger.
2. Improve physical, chemical and biological features of soil environment.
3. Increase the immunity of crops, and prevent the happening of disease, haze, dry and wet season injuries.
4. Increase the quality and value of agriculture products.
5. Research the goal of suitainable agriculture.


Organic matters and other special organic formulation.

Method of Application:

This processed liquid nutrients fertilizer can be spray into the soil and also could be used as foliar spray, with 10-100 dilution. The leaves will become shining green three days after application.